Well, Howdy!
I love Jesus and I LOVE Utah. I'm passionate about young women and girls and growing into restful, beautiful God-honoring women with them. I'm about to wrap up my 1st year of marriage and MAN has it been a blast. 

Life is hard and God is good. 

I am blessed to be working in ministry in Utah as the Elementary Director at South Mountain Community Church. I am also a videographer, I dabble in make-up artistry, event planning and graphic design. This blog not only features my video and graphic work, but it is also about the journey of marriage, life in Utah (or anywhere else God leads us), and combining who I am with the art I create, reminding people of love and bringing all the glory to God.

This is my claimed space to be creative in all avenues I venture down and I'm so glad you've stopped you! 
Do say hello, hmm?

Because pictures are more fun than words...

My man

My job

My Missy