Around 3 years ago I launched a business before I knew exactly what I wanted my business to be. HebrewsTree was birthed out of my tattoo I have on the inside of my right ankle. After being a "contractor" which meant I did anything under the sun, a greeting card maker and a nanny, I finally re-launched HebrewsTree into HebrewsTree Videography. For the last year I've been spending my time mainly doing wedding videography and it's been a blast! Below you'll find the links to some of my work, both wedding videos as well as my creative non-fiction work done under South Mountain Community Church as the video arts director.

My passion for videography has grown over the years as I've honed in on some things and as always, continue to learn more about this art form. I love doing weddings and my goal is always to provide excellent work for prices that won't hurt the budget (wedding prices can be found here). Beside weddings, I also love collaborating with hair stylists, make-up artists, short films, documentaries, you name it! If you're interested in collaborating with a project or have any questions - holler at'ch girl.