Monday, August 6, 2012

A Winter Wedding!

Michelle and I weren't supposed to be friends.
I don't think there's another statement that could be so wrong.

Michelle and I met at a leadership conference when we were seniors in high school. We were what I'd call kindred spirits. She's the Korean version of me and I'm the American version of her.

In our years of friendship, I don't think there's another person on this earth who has been able to understand my silent processing, my reasoning as well as my decision making process. One thing is for sure, there isn't another person on this planet who has been as supportive and active in wanting me to succeed and see my crazy, sometimes rather impulsive plans go well. She cheered me on when I said I was moving to Utah and hasn't stopped cheering me on since.

We've both had our share of heartbreaks, and one thing Michelle knows how to do well and to the fullest is love. I can remember after each break-up, tears, fears and insecurities that rose and the same conversation would take place:

"I can't WAIT to see the man God is preparing for you if this guy wasn't him. He is going to make these boys look like jokers. Stick in there and trust your Father. He knows what he's doing by moving this loser out of the way."

and man, was that the truth.

Michelle is getting MARRIED in December to the sweetest, craziest, man who compliments her in every way. I couldn't have DREAMED up a better man for my best friend and am so excited for the years of traveling together, of raising our babies and all that life will bring us whether that's pain, love, joy and heartache - I'm ecstatic to be able to do it with these two crazies.

One of the BEST parts is that these two hotties love each other
and we get to both walk down the isle and before Kelly and Michelle to support and say
"Through thick in thin, we'll always be there."
and that makes my heart happy.

Some wedding details that get me all kinds of crazy excited:

Here's to marriage!

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