Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good, Better, Best! A Nutritional Guide to Eating Your Best

It's no secret that we all desire desirable bodies and it's also no secret to those who are close to me that I've been on a quest to not just loose some weight, but get healthy.
I've tried supplements, I've tried counting calories, I've tried crash diets, fasting and I've also tried giving up.

I've come to realize that this is not going to be a 6 month diet, or an overnight change - but a lifelong and life style change. I stumbled across this site, Beyond Diet, and was surprised by what they were suggesting:

To lose weight, you have to eat right and exercise.

I think I've heard that somewhere before?
This site has not left my computer screen since I opened it last night. It's FILLED will information on why and how certain foods are good to eat and why others are not. It doesn't have any magic pill that's going to sculpt your 6 pack while you watch TV and it doesn't require eating 1 type of food.

I think I'm on to something that will actually work.
What is it, you ask?
educating myself on nutrition and then applying it to my life.

Here's just a piece of mountains of information that I'd like to share with you.
The bottom line to getting healthy is that you have to do the hard work.

This chart will tell you what's good to eat, what's better than that and the best when you're picking out your foods. 

Happy Wednesday!

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